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With age I have become more and more interested in finding ways to be healthier.

I've always wondered why schools serve such unhealthy food.  School lunches taught me that I didn't like fruits or vegetables. After experiencing some of the negative effects from eating unhealthy, I began focusing on controlling my diet.  I learned to love fresh fruits and vegetables and I've never felt better.  My pathophysiology class has teamed up to create a fundraiser for a community garden at Brookridge Elementary in Shawnee, Kansas.  With the funds raised, we will provide the necessary supplies to keep the garden thriving and also inform the students and teachers on ways to live more healthy lives and by so doing prevent disease.  Hopefully thru projects like community gardens, the kids of the future will learn how great fresh foods can be for their health.

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From a tiny seed…

     $7,500 will fund a significant phase of the Brookridge Community Garden for "laboratory"  development which can be used for the science curriculum, at the elementary school, as well as the kinesthetic component of the Human Pathophysiology course at JCCC. We intend to create educational videos, affordable meal planning, and kid friendly recipes that teach how what you eat, when you are younger, can prevent disease when you are older.  Our flipped classroom format is taking pathophysiology into Brookridge Elementary. We intend to address some  misconceptions about what it takes to eat healthy and prevent disease.


Our objectives are, but not  limited to:  

  • Purchasing the materials necessary to install and sustain an organic food garden.
  • Provide the monies for curriculum development and administration
  • Construct an outside "classroom" adjacent to the site

Our Purpose

The Brookridge Community Garden is an interactive learning lab developed, in conjunction with Johnson County Community College, by the Garden Club of Brookridge Elementary school, employees, and parents to:

  • inspire application based learning and teaching in science
  • address the need for proper nutrition in the prevention of disease
  • connect, as a community, to address the misconceptions about what it means to "eat healthy"


"You are what you eat" is not just a slogan.  It is the reality that we ALL eventually have to deal with if we are to improve our health and ultimately our quality of life. "I think there is good research that shows that nutrition is critical for a child's brain and for concentration and learning at school."

-Dr. Tanya Altmann, a pediatrician and an American Academy of Pediatrics spokeswoman.

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Tools of the Trade

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Your gift of this amount could allow us to purchase shovels, rakes, hoes, wheel barrels, hoses, and gardening gloves.

Sowing the Seeds of Success

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Your gift of this amount could purchase seeds for the vegetable bed

Signs of the Time

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We want everyone to know about our project and your donation could allow us to buy a sign. This sign would be placed in a prominent spot in our project so everyone knows what great things are happening here.

When it Rains it Pours

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Fruits of our Labor

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Communing with Nature

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The Big Sleep

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Your gift of this amount could provide the building materials for one 4'x12' composite construction bed. By constructing the bed from this material, we don't have to worry about disintegration over time or leaching chemicals into the soil.

My Head is Spinning

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Your gift of this amount would allow the purchase of a used centrifuge to be used to do soil pH testing. Don't want to burned at the garden stake!

How Dry I Am

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Your gift of this amount could pay our water bill for a year. If you haven't noticed, it seems like our state is getting dryer and dryer and our new garden could suffer. Happy plants are hydrated plants.