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I believe that giving back to the community through public service is one of the greatest opportunities that I have been afforded.

Being a combat medic in the military began my passion for pre-hospital care.  The great responsibility that comes with seeing people at their worst and most vulnerable is not one that I take lightly and I am both ready and honored to be in a profession where I can make a difference on a daily basis.  While still serving in the Reserves, I am ready to take the next step by serving the community that I grew up in.  

I invite you to share in this journey with me and am very excited for what the future holds.


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Who are we?

We are lifesavers and psychiatrists; cardiologists and internists. We see you at your worst, and help pick you up. We can lift when you can't stand; we can hold when you are scared. We are the liaison between circumstance and fate; we are paramedics. 

As future paramedics, we will serve many functions. However, we will not be able to help our future neighbors and communities if we are denied the privilege to obtain our certifications and licenses. Unfortunately, to afford these examinations, our class needs well over $10,000.

As we are all full-time students by necessity, and well aware that the career choice we have made is one for duty, not pay, we very humbly thank you for whatever you are able to give to help us reach our goal.

If you wish to give any amount not listed to the right, please click on the closest option to your desired donation and enter a different amount per your wishes.

What will we do with the funds?

The entirety of the funds we raise will go towards supporting the fees and costs associated with the tests, certifications, and licenses we need to be paramedics.

When will we use the funds?

Our course lasts until 17th December, 2016. We have a few of our examinations during our class schedule before that date; the other tests fall soon thereafter. Again, for a student to be employed as a licensed paramedic, they must gain their Kansas State License and their National Registry Certification as a paramedic.


Where and how will we use the funds?

The practical exams for most students, to obtain their Kansas State License, will take place at Johnson County Community College. The written test, for the National Registry Certification, is a computerized exam that takes place at an approved testing location of the student's individual choosing. There are several of these locations across the Kansas City Metro area, as well as in Lawrence and Topeka.

The funds we raise will be deposited into an account reserved solely for use by the Paramedic Student Association, and through this fund, the students in the paramedic class.

Again,if you wish to give any amount not listed to the right, please click on the closest option to your desired donation and enter a different amount per your wishes.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, as well as any support you can offer.

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Make an Impact

First Responder

Give $15

Every little bit helps, our testing supplies and fees are over $10,000!


Give $25

More daily use items include IV catheters, needles, saline fluids, and practice medications.

EMT - Basic

Give $50

We use ten full-size training dummies, and have over 50 mannequins to train with - we also test with the full-size simulation dummies!

EMT - Advanced

Give $100

Our training supplies also include splints, backboards, breathing equipment, and other critically important life saving interventions!


Give $225

This level funds one student's test to learn and become certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, helping ensure that your children are safe and receiving the best possible care.

Critical Care Paramedic

Give $500

The equivalent of two students' testing, or maintenance on just one of the six different heart monitors we have!


Give $750

Sponsor one student's testing throughout the year, including National Registry exam fees, Advanced Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Trauma Life Support, and more!

Battalion Chief

Give $1,000

Over a fifth of the class can become certified in Pediatric Life Support, in addition to providing for some critical equipment maintenance!

EMS Chief

Give $2,500

Half of the class can become familiar with the techniques needed to help save the life of a critically-ill child!

Board of Directors

Give $5,000

Our initial target provides for half of the year's desired funding, and allows every student to become certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, helping save the lives of very sick and endangered children!