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Wow!.... We reached our goal in less than a week... Many thanks to all our "early adopters". For the rest of April we'll continue to take donations... Every $160 we raise will pay for materials for another solar hot water system for the JCCC students to build and install...

This will be the fourth year of the Las Pintas Solar Experience, which started in 2013. The goal is to create a pay-it-forward effect. We teach ten to fifteen families each year to build and install the heaters so that they may teach other families to do the same.

Since the program began, around 135 solar water heaters have been installed, with only 40 of them done by JCCC students!  

Our students and the community members gain hands-on experience with a sustainable energy resource, solar, and benefit from sharing our cultures. Some of our students will enhance their Spanish skills and tutor children in the community, while others are first introduced to the language. They will learn to use hand and simple power tools.

Others, especially the community members, learn a skill and process they can share, while at the same time gaining daily access to hot water. FOR FREE! Folks are able to better clean and sanitize food, clothes, and dishes, because warm water cleans better than cooler water.

Conservatively, throughout the course of the project, it has netted over $20,000 worth of energy to produce hot water, and it just gets bigger each year.

The average worker in the community will earn $50 a week; each water heater installed could save over two weeks of wages a year.

Money that we raise will help pay for:  

  • Transportation from the college to the airport* 
  • Flight expenses to and from Las Pintas*
  • Food*
  • Lodging*
  • In-country travel
  • Baggage fees for solar collectors and tools
  • School supplies for tutored kids- $5 per tutee (we tutor 50 kids)
  • Materials for the heater construction:
  • Photovoltaic panels- $40 per solar module
  • Pumps- $70 per pump
  • Pipes, sealant, barrels, fixings, paint, ect...- $50 per unit
  • Tools- $400 total

*Most of these starred items are already covered by other donors and the students themselves

Help us aid the Las Pintas community (and JCCC students who attend) develop and use their own sustainable resources. The steps to a sustainable future have to be built and maintained from footings and foundations on every corner of every culture. Our project demonstrates how a little spark can set a solar fire to warm a whole community. ¡ Muchas Gracias!

¡Muchísimas gracias!

  Published on Tuesday, May. 3, 2016 at 03:56 AM (CST)

I wanted to thank you again for your generosity.   We not only reached our goal in record time this year, but surpassed it.   This additional money will be used for next year’s project.

Without your help, none of this would be possible.    You are not only helping our friends in Mexico, but also our students here at JCCC who are involved in this endeavor.   Their lives will be enriched thanks to you.

Mil gracias.

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Your support provides a glowing boost for our project and will fund all the pipe fittings for one of our solar water heating units.

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Your contribution sure begins to warm our hearts. This contribution will pay for the pipe used in the installation of a solar water heater.

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You know that bright, shiny feeling you get about mid morning? That's what we're feeling about this level....This contribution will buy the solar module and wiring for a solar water heating unit! Now, that's hot!

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The sun is at it's brightest at noon and this contribution will supply the barrels, insulation, and other materials for the hot water storage for the solar water heater unit... and keep it warm all night when "the sun don't shine".

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Wow! This is a very gracious gift! It is the afternoon when the tank gets full to brimming with hot water. This contribution pays for a solar PV module, thermal module, and DC pump for a solar water heating unit.

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As the sun sets the tank is full and all that stored energy can be used all night long. This level of contribution truly has impact. It will pay for a complete system and provide resources for us to bring the tools we need to install the units we will build there in Las Pintas. Thanks so much!